Nailing Our Colours to the Mast

Beyond thrice nine lands and under the eaves of our Hedgespoken travelling theatre housetruck the frost has been jewelling the cobwebs stitched there, and all along these cold hedgerows the gorse and holly and quiet hazels have also been royally crowned by the jewels of winter.

The course of true love… (part 2)

Life is rich. Not simple, no, not by a long shot. But it is rich.

We left you a few weeks ago waiting for word from the lorry garage that our 1966 Bedford RL was ready for collection, having been fitted with two new front brake cylinders, a freshly-welded exhaust manifold and a bevvy of adjustments, fine and crude, to the engine running…


So why do we want to travel? Why do we want to live an unrooted uncertain life on wheels? There are many many considerations and questions and dreams that taking to the road brings forth…

The Hedgespoken Loudhailer Challenge

We know that a lot of our friends and supporters don’t really have too many pennies to rub together. Many of us live on the margins of things and are used to making do, being creative with scarce finances and living lives that are soul-rich, but cash-poor.

So, how can you best help us if you’re staring at the Queen on your last fiver, wondering where the next one’s coming from? Or even when you’re doing fine, but it’s all accounted for and taken up by the many, many financially-draining tentacles of modern living?