Nailing Our Colours to the Mast

Beyond thrice nine lands and under the eaves of our Hedgespoken travelling theatre housetruck the frost has been jewelling the cobwebs stitched there, and all along these cold hedgerows the gorse and holly and quiet hazels have also been royally crowned by the jewels of winter.

Hedgehammer! – Contribute your creations to the Hedgespoken Auction!

A few kind folk have offered us artefacts and creations of theirs as a contribution to our campaign, and so we thought we could make this into a fun event as the end of our crowdfunder nears. Are you an artist, jeweller, chair-carver, music-maker… (or purveyor of any other beauty)? Would you like to take part in the Hedgeauction we plan to hold starting next weekend? We’ll be putting a few choice items into the auction ourselves, of course, to be revealed when viewing begins…

Baba Yaga

Samhain greetings and hedgespells from the edge of these misted, damp dark Dartmoor days! As you’re all bound to be Appreciators of Story and Lovers of the Uncanny, we thought to bring you a small offering from the Hedgespoken basket of witchlore for your enjoyment this All-Hallowed Eve