About the Crowdfunder

None of this could havee happedn without your help. In November 2014 we launched a massive crowdfunding drive with some very fine perks to help raise the funds to turn this lovely old Bedford RL truck:

RL side

into an incredible travelling offgrid theatre something like this:

hedgespoken vision sketch

or this:

hedgespoken by starlight 2

And this is what we made:

Newly signwritten at The Brilliant Sign Company, Bucks, 2016

For all the support from around the world, both in the form of money and genuine, deeply expressed belief and encouragement, we are truly grateful.

3 thoughts on “About the Crowdfunder

  1. Greetings I find this amazing, what you have created is magikal indeed! I also find this very inspiring as of this morning, I literally just posted a similar crowdfunding add, to help raise money for our school bus conversion project, which will enable us to play more music. If you could share also, I would be most grateful-


    Thank you for the inspiration x

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