9 thoughts on “The Film

  1. The magic around the edges… I am a writer, jaded, with nothing to say right now, in my 60’s, and what I saw here in the soul of your project made tears come. This is what we need – as individuals, couples, communities: magic, that which modern life has scoured away. I wish you every success in your project because you are carrying forth something very precious, that must survive…

    1. Thank you, Andria – that’s such a beautiful wish for us, and we believe utterly as you do that there is something essential to the soul that Hedgespoken will bear with it wherever it goes. We will do our very best to keep it alive!

  2. Ola! My friend Megan davies stageship, would love you only she is in Hungary, I believe still,! I had an old vardo, but sadly too poorly to be put into operation much to both megans and mine sadness,
    I love your ideas, wonderba! Namaste rosina

  3. I read somewhere that you’re in Devon. My attention was piqued. The car stickers that my car is completely covered in come from Hippymotors.com.uk based in Devon. I’m an artist, mask maker, heart of the beast parade marcher, fiberarts, weightlifter, musician, factory worker. I love that you are doing things the old ways of theater, community festivals, and wagon living. Thank you for making your sweet movie. I’ve got that accordion song cheerfully rolling through my head now. I hope you’ll offer a cd or digital collection of your musics. Then I can drive around, windows down and gift people with it’s playfulness. The moon mask in your movie and the accordion music remind me of that movie about the first movie maker in France that filmed a story about someone flying to the moon. Great Success to you and thank you for the happy little miracles that will ripple out from your activities to touch people far away, like me:-)

    1. Thank you, Laura – we will endeavour to put various aspects of the Hedgespoken project online as we go, though it may take a while! I also have that accordion song (it’s called Dark Eyes) going around my head, but because I’ve heard it about a thousand times over the last few weeks :) ‘Happy little miracles’ is an excellent unspoken subtitle to our project, because that’s exactly what we’re hoping to produce…

  4. Like Andria above, I too am in my 60’s and a bit of a jaded writer of late. It’s my pleasure to donate to your magical project! I love your movie, I love your outlook, I love your vision. Good luck with everything you do. And come and visit us in Bridport, Dorset, we’d love to see you here!

  5. I am so glad you reached your fundraising goal and the project continues with zeal and zest. I live in the mountains of France but one day soon I hope to be rolling in the hedgerows and fields of England, coming to watch one of your magical shows. I wish you all the best for the build; your websites, your work and your vision is all so inspirational and heart warming and has uplifted me and carried me along with my own creativity and caused a wonderful blossoming to happen. Its quite contagious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart lovely people ;-)

  6. hi . i met you the other day in bovey tracey i hope the truck is going well,.and i must say you.ve made a very nice job of it. good luck with this wonderful project . and i look forward to seeing you again. mark

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