The Fisher-Knight’s Tale

On Thursday December 15th (5pm) and Friday 16th (also 5pm) – in just over a week’s time – we’re delighted to welcome Sarah and Zenna of Wild Toy Theatre, who will be performing this tale as part of the Hedgespoken Winter Showcase at Dartington.

The Showcase brings together four amazing theatre companies for four nights of extraordinary performances. We’ve been writing about them all over the past few days. If you’re in Devon, or can get there soon, I can only recommend that you avail yourself of the ridiculously cheap tickets and superb bargain offers and join us in the warm, splendidly-festooned Hedgespoken tent – tickets are on sale for all the shows now, here, where you can also find more details about the offers.


Meet Laura, the Fisher-Knight! She is brave, she is bold, and she is armed with a fishing rod! Laura is on a perilous quest to save the River Kingdom from floods, and there are plenty of characters to help her along the way. There’s Kingfisher – the noble River King, Wise Old Heron – the quiet sage, and Trickster Otter, who is always getting up to mischief! But where have all the fish gone!? And who is cutting down all the trees?

Wild Toy Theatre has been set up by artist and puppeteer Sarah Vigars. Sarah has toured for two years with renowned puppet company Puppetcraft and recently completed training at the Curious School of Puppetry in London (under Artistic Director Sarah Wright). Sarah also works extensively in the south-west as a theatre designer, prop-maker and arts facilitator.


We’re really looking forward to seeing the Fisher-Knight’s Tale at Hedgespoken – we went to see it during its scratch tour, at MED theatre in Moretonhampstead, and it was enchanting. We hope you’ll come and be enchanted in our heated Hedgespoken marquee at Dartington too!

What they’re saying about The Fisher-Knight’s Tale:

‘A well thought out, creative and meaningful story. Really lovely puppets and scenes, well presented – really imaginative. It held the attention and imagination of children and adults alike. Can’t wait for the next one..’  (Adult audience feedback)

‘I liked the whole story especially when we met the characters. I would give it 5 stars out of 5. I loved it.’ (Child feedback)


To read more on the blog about the other shows we’re doing as part of this year’s Winter Showcase , you can find them all here!


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