The story begins…

And so! Here we are on the first day of our Hedgespoken crowdfunding campaign, having already raised £4395!!

We are stunned and excited and so grateful to everyone who has helped make the beginning of this story so thrilling!

steve e 27
Our wonderful community mid-filming. Photo by Steve Earp

What makes us particularly happy is the warmth and enthusiasm that you are all showing for this project and for the reigniting of liminal magic!

The vagabond circus gathers among the trees. Photo by Terri Windling

This dream-journey began long ago for us, but we wanted to share with you a few pictures of the day we made that little film up there, with the incredible expertise of Annabel Allison of Wax Films who steered the crowd and helped us to battle our camera nerves, and then put the whole thing together afterwards. How lucky we were to have her!

Annabel Allison at work. Photo by Lunar Hine
Annabel films us beside the RL. Photo by Lunar Hine
Annabel and the Jester Puppet inside the truck. Photo by Lunar Hine

But we also couldn’t have made this film without our truly amazing and creative community, who, when called upon by us to spend time dressed in their vagabond-circus finery for a day creating a film among the trees on the back of an old lorry, they came and they did us proud in their magnificent feathers and outrageous coats, in their antlers and masks and moons they made our little film unique and incredibly beautiful.

Lily astride her horse. Photo by Terri Windling
ruth 7
Performers prepare food around the camp fire. Photo by Ruth Olley
rachel 2
Lily’s hair is arranged with feathers. Photo by Rachel Basham
steve e 24
Eric hula-hoops. Photo by Steve Earp
Rima plays squeezebox in the driver’s seat. Photo by Lunar Hine
rachel 4
Young’uns prepare for the performance. Photo by Rachel Basham
steve e 19
Annabel briefs the vagabonds. Photo by Steve Earp
ruth 4
Amazing Virginia in her moon mask. Photo by Ruth Olley
steve e 26
Outlaws gather. Photo by Steve Earp

And we all had tremendous fun! There was food shared around the fire, and children practised their hula-hooping and poi skills, the horses had their manes plaited and faces were painted.

The musicians and deer rehearse. Photo by Terri Windling
Emma applies her circus-paint. Photo by Suzi Crockford
Deliberations between vagabonds. Photo by Terri Windling
ruth 1
Tom tells tales. Photo by Ruth Olley

We’ll tell you all about the people in our film a little further down the road, as they are many of them incredible artists and performers and wonder-weavers in their own right. For now, we want to say a big-armed THANK YOU to our community near and far who are really helping to birth this dream of ours!

6 thoughts on “The story begins…

  1. So delighted and excited for the both of you. And quite envious that I am across the giant pond. When you start your rambling wonder tales I wonder if you could share some lovely video of tales and puppetry with the donors that may only get to see your wheeled hedge wanderer in their dreams. I cannot wait to for you to begin work on your dreams.

    1. We certainly will be recording films and soundtracks to our meanderings, Abby! Thank you for your delight and excitement – it’s the fuel that the heart of Hedgespoken runs on…

  2. i watched your video with a big eejity grin and lots of happy tears. what an absolutely wonderfully gloriously brilliant thing you’re doing!! i’m one of those soul-rich, cash-poor types, but i’m going to squeeze some pennies from my budget to put in your hat. i may never see you perform live [unless the Hedgespoken-mobile becomes amphibious and crosses the Atlantic!] but the world so desperately needs to be reminded of the kind of magic you both weave into your days. truly inspiring! best of luck and i’ll be following your adventure from here in the wild north….

    1. Bless you, Mel – we’ll do our best to get Hedgespoken some paddles or wings, but it might be a long journey. There’s a lot of cast iron in that truck! Eejity grins and happy tears are the best response our hearts could hope for – thank you!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn – hopefully Hedgespoken will spark a renaissance of travelling wonder-shows that’ll make its way over all the oceans, until every small town has its own travelling theatre and vagabond puppet-extravaganza!

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