I woke up early with the birds
to hand up sturdy planks of words
to my speech-slave, my tongue, to build
echoing halls of praise, light-filled….

Egil is the greatest of the Viking poets, and his adventures and poetry are recorded in one of the greatest Icelandic sagas. Peter Oswald performs his version written in English rhyming verse – read all about it on the Hedgespoken blog and come and see it at Dartington on Friday 16th December!

The course of true love… (part 2)

Life is rich. Not simple, no, not by a long shot. But it is rich.

We left you a few weeks ago waiting for word from the lorry garage that our 1966 Bedford RL was ready for collection, having been fitted with two new front brake cylinders, a freshly-welded exhaust manifold and a bevvy of adjustments, fine and crude, to the engine running…