Wagon Dreaming


And so, the hedgerows sing of Spring, just like that! We are very busy in our truck planning the summer wheres and whos and hows and whats and whens, and will send word soon! Meanwhile, our Hedgespoken collective grows! This summer we will have others joining us on the road to help with shows and marquee pitching, cooking and children, and we are really really excited that a community is taking shape in a small and organic way around this creative vision of wayside wonder.

BUT – we need vehicles!

As you know, we are committed to beauty in a quite particular way, and so a search for trucks and wagons is underway. Right now, most needed for this summer is a vehicle to carry our marquee and other show materials, which also operates as a live in – this could be one thing, or two separate vehicles. As we go along, we’ll need other living wagons and vans/trucks too. This is a call out to all of you – do you have a beautiful truck, horsebox, pick-up or showmans’ wagon, van, classic caravan or camper in your yard you’d like to sell? Do you know of a barn near you where there are such vehicles hiding under tarpaulins? Could you lend or hire us something for the summer? It needn’t be in such shining condition as these examples above, as we’re planning some days of spring painting, but it does need to run well. Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about becoming a patron – how about sponsoring our next wagon?! If you can help us grow our circus, please get in touch by email – info@hedgespoken.org, or via facebook. Spread the word! May our wheels roll!

3 thoughts on “Wagon Dreaming

  1. Greetings fr Rosie Thanks for sharing your plans.most interested. Namaste Presently one day left spending in Goa.

  2. Hoihoi!! I love the sound of this. We celebrate 8 YEARS in our Vardo For Two this spring. It’s a way of life worth imagining. We are oceans away from your circus, but now we are thinking of you as we infuse our lives with Spring Blessings!! Aloha~Mokihana and Pete

  3. Hi Rima, Why dont you post your enquiry on Portable Village wall on facebook ?
    Its run by Dean Agget. He lives down near you. Im quite sure that you will like his idea/concept for a portable village.
    There will be people on there who would be interested to help Im sure. Namaste 😊🙏🏼

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