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  1. So wonderful reading through your blog of your travels. My Grand parents were Romanies bow topped wagon and all. It makes me realise how hard it was for them when they travelled around with a horse. Times were hard just after the First World War for them the whole world was part of a Great Depression. My poor Mother lost her father because he had got mustard gassed in the first war, when she was just aged 7years old. My Grandmother lost the twins she was carrying. Was quite ill after his death, left my poor Mum in the Wagon with her sister who was only ten years her senior. Goodness knows how they coped. My aunt would buy clothes from rich people clean them and mend them and sell them to poorer folk with a bit of profit. They wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for my Aunt. She told me all about it before she died. So glad I heard their story. It was a very hard life, not the Romantic vision some people have of the travelling life.
    You are discovering a new life in the hedgerows as my Grand Parents had always lived. It’s great to read your story too. Please continue to tell it. It makes great reading.

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