The Hedgespoken Loudhailer Challenge

We know that a lot of our friends and supporters don’t really have too many pennies to rub together. Many of us live on the margins of things and are used to making do, being creative with scarce finances and living lives that are soul-rich, but cash-poor. We’re used to using our ingenuity to make things happen on low budgets and finding ways through seemingly impossible challenges. In the end, we know it’s the way to live, but it’s hard. When it comes to projects like Hedgespoken, we’ve had to draw on the skills we’ve got (like the websites and the art and stories and poetry and the whole internet way of things we’ve learned in order to survive) to make it happen. Somehow, you’ve made it to here, so it seems to be working so far!

So, how can you best help us if you’re staring at the Queen on your last fiver, wondering where the next one’s coming from? Or even when you’re doing fine, but it’s all accounted for and taken up by the many, many financially-draining tentacles of modern living?

Here’s how:


It turns out that every time you share the Hedgespoken Indiegogo page while you’re logged in to Indiegogo (that bit’s important), the site tracks how many people follow your share and how much they donate and what colour their pants are and so on. It’s already happening, in fact. So, in order to spread the word further and wider than we can by ourselves, and as a way of thanking the most web-vocal of you, we’re going to be running the HEDGESPOKEN LOUDHAILER CHALLENGE…

More details soon, but we’re lining up some special perks and prizes for everyone whose shares bring in over £100, and then some fantabulous glories for the top 10 folk whose shares bring in the most funds for our bid. Yes, it’s a competition, but one that we hope you’ll be happy to be part of! By doing what you’re already doing, you’ll get fancy stuff and unique opportunities, and we’ll get closer to our goal. Everybody wins.

The received wisdom says that it’s better to start this properly later in the campaign, so we’ll only tell you what the prizes are in a bit, but here’s some more Indiegogo-style advice about how this works, so you can make sure that all your shares count, and so you can keep track of how much you’ve brought in!

Just remember – share from the Indiegogo page while you’re logged in (Indiegogo will send you a link that you can keep sharing or put in emails and so on) – and whatever funds are donated as a result get added to your tally.

Thanks again for all your generous support – so far we’ve raised over 20% of our target, and it’s only the second day. Our hearts are full to over-brimming with your enthusiasm and kind wishes. The road beckons and the magic grows!

From the drizzly moor and the woodburner glow,

Tom and Rima

PS Remember to subscribe to this blog ( to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing, and please like the facebook page and follow us on twitter to keep involved in the full frenzy of the fray!

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