Jack and the Devil’s Purse

On December 14th – in just over a week’s time – we’re delighted to welcome James, Dave and Lizzie of Angel Heart Theatre, who will be performing this tale as part of the Hedgespoken Winter Showcase at Dartington.

The Showcase brings together four amazing theatre companies for four nights of extraordinary performances. We’ll be writing about them all over the next few days. If you’re in Devon, or can get there soon, I can only recommend that you avail yourself of the ridiculously cheap tickets and superb bargain offers and join us in the warm, splendidly-festooned Hedgespoken tent – tickets are on sale now, here, where you can also find more details about the offers.


A cock-eyed, mischievous tale about the value of money in a world turned upside down.

Jack lives alone with his poor old ma. Like many young lads his age he’s just a little “too bad for heaven” and a little “too good for hell.” But mainly, he’s just bored! Surely there must be more to life than this?

Enter the Devil…

Join ‘Old Nick’ himself as he narrates how Jack got the better of him, in this darkly comic yarn, full of unforgettable characters and temptations behind every smiling face.

This is an adult-themed show, suitable for 11 years and above, based on a tale told by the great Scottish Traveller storyteller, Duncan Williamson. Hedgespoken prints and books and posters will be on sale, there’ll be mulled wine from Dartington and after each show there’ll be beautiful live music and convivial conversation all around. Do come and join us for this exceptional show!

What they’ve been saying about Jack and the Devil’s Purse:

Brilliant performance. Wonderful live music. There were moments that were absolutely electrifying.
– Dan at Skipton Puppet Festival, Skipton, North Yorkshire.

One of the most original pieces of theatre I’ve seen. Even though I know the tale I was so wrapped up in the performance it was like I was hearing it for the first time.
– Peter at Plymouth Barbican, Plymouth, Devon.

Not seen anything like it. The blend of story-telling and performance was wonderful. So much energy and humour in it.
– Lydia at Stainsby Folk Festival, Stainsby, Derbyshire.



To read more on the blog about the other shows we’re doing as part of this year’s Winter Showcase , you can find them all here!

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