The Hedgehog’s Bride – pre-season teaser

Note: We are now taking bookings and expressions of interest for the 2017 season – please get in touch to make a provisional booking or find out more: or 07984581289.

Featuring some of the country’s finest puppeteers and a sound-track composed and performed by legendary virtuoso Rohan Kriwaczek, The Hedgehog’s Bride is puppet theatre and shadow puppetry as you have never seen it before, performed from the unique Hedgespoken stage attached to a beautifully restored vintage Bedford RL lorry in our stunning 100-seater audience shelter – it is a sensory extravaganza, a feast for the imagination, suitable for all ages.

The Hedgehog’s Bride is one of the finest folk-tales of the Baltic area – our version has emerged from a seven-year gestation of this tale and includes rod-puppets, shadow-puppets, scroll-work, poetry and music as well as traditional storytelling and stage magic from the street theatre and Comedia del’Arte traditions.


  • One ambitious hedgehog (who may well be a cursed prince)
  • One dazzling princess (with an iron-limbed curse of her own)
  • A terribly frightening witch
  • Several impossible tasks!
  • Dragons! The ocean! Toads! The moon!

Directed by: Howard Gayton (Ophaboom, Little Angel, Dreamgrubber)

Puppet-making and puppetry by:

Script, storytelling and narration by: Tom Hirons (Hedgespoken, author of Sometimes a Wild God)

Music by: Rohan Kriwaczek (The Wandering Jew and many other works)

THE HEDGEHOG’S BRIDE is a legend in the making – please visit the artists’ websites for more information about their work and contact us on or on 07984581289 for more information about this show. This show is currently in development and will be launched in Devon in late Autumn 2016, for touring in 2017.

A few examples of our collected artists’ relevant work: