‘The Golden Acorn’ from Catherine Cooper [#21]

Next up, we have some wonderful and rare books by Catherine Cooper.

Catherine says:

I used to be a teacher but due to ill-health I had to take early retirement. Not being ready for that, and desperate to get back into school, I started writing. The credit crunch hit just as I’d finished my first book, needless to say, no one was willing to take a chance on an unknown author and it was completely rejected. Not to be deterred I self-published. I was told this would be the ‘kiss of death’ for any author but I only needed to get back into school so it wasn’t a problem. The following is a timeline of events…
2006 my teaching career of 29 years ended.
2009 I self-published my first book, The Golden Acorn ~ The Adventures of Jack Brenin
2010 I self-published Book two, Glasruhen Gate.
2010 Entered and won Brit Writers Best Story for Children and Brit Writer of the Year (with The Golden Acorn)
part of the prize was a contract with a mainstream publisher who re-packaged the first two books and signed me up for the rest of the series.
2011 We signed a contract with a Hollywood film company (after they’d read my own first edition book and not the reprint!)
2011 Book Three, Silver Hill was published
2011 The series was tipped to fill the Harry Potter void
2012 Book Four, The Lost Treasure of Annwn was published
2013 The Golden Acorn was chosen as a National Literacy Trust guided reading book for all KS2 children and a ‘must have’ for all library shelves.
2013 Book Five, The Oak Lord was published
2013 The Book of Dragon Lore was published
2014 The Legend of Howling Hill was written and made into a hand made book for a world wide unique prize (soon to be published as a paperback)
2014 I became a Patron of Reading
None of the above was planned!
I still have in my possession one of the first editions, of which only 1000 were ever printed. Here is a link to three used copies that are for sale at the moment on Amazon. There are similar priced used copies on ebay too.
This early edition of The Golden Acorn is a very sought-after book, and is Catherine’s last ever copy!!! It has been illustrated by Catherine’s husband Ron Cooper.

golden acorn 1

golden acorn 2

If the bidding exceeds £500, Catherine will include the second first edition book of this series, Glasruhen Gate, of which only 500 were printed:
glasruhen gate glasruhen gate1

Bidding will start at: £20

Auction time: Monday 24th November 7.30pm (GMT)

Note: Bids are made by posting your bid in £ in the comments below. If you need to refer to the Hedgehammer guide (how it all works, bidding and so on) you can find it here. And remember – all of these auctions are raising funds for Hedgespoken so that we can offer workshops and courses and events across Britain and beyond. Have a look here to find out more about our plans!

Thank you for bidding and thanks again to Catherine for donating this!

47 thoughts on “‘The Golden Acorn’ from Catherine Cooper [#21]

  1. You’re not bad at this auctioneering lark are you Tom – will just have to dig down the back of the sofa to see if there are any odd pound coins – don’t hold your breath! ;)

  2. Ah, feckin h, to think I wasn’t even going to bid on this one, thinking it was way out of my league! Thanks Tom, you have made me a very happy woman (also a very poor one, but ah well)

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