Silver book pendant, from Claire Dean [#27]

Here we have an enchanting and beautiful piece of silversmithing by jeweller Claire Dean of Where The Wild Roses Grow:

Claire says:

I would like to offer a little silver book/grimoire pendant for your auction.
I will make it to order for the winning bidder and can inscribe a few favourite personal words or a dedication (chosen by the buyer if they wish) inside the front and back covers. It will be made from pure silver, have a 3mm moonstone on the front, will have tiny real recycled paper pages will be fully openable, and will hang from a fine silk ribbon (again the winning buyer can choose the colour from the ribbons I have available). The tiny key and padlock charms are fine silver too. It measures approx 1.8 x 1.5 cm and will weigh approx 4-5gm.
These sell for £125-150 depending on what extras I put on – they are small but take a long time to make!

silver book

Bidding will start at: £99

Auction time: Sunday 23rd November 7.30pm (GMT)

Note: Bids are made by posting your bid in £ in the comments below. If you need to refer to the Hedgehammer guide (how it all works, bidding and so on) you can find it here. And remember – all of these auctions are raising funds for Hedgespoken so that we can offer workshops and courses and events across Britain and beyond. Have a look here to find out more about our plans!

Thank you for bidding and thanks again to Claire for donating this!

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