Musevine, from Carol Anne Strange [#18]

We have been offered two fantastic items from author Carol Anne Strange:

Here, a year’s subscription to Carol’s creativity project – Musevine

Carol Anne says:

Muse Vine (1 year’s Membership worth £30)
“Every month, you receive a Creative Assignment from Muse Vine. Every month, you are invited to explore the assignment theme to spark your imagination and inspire your creative practice using whatever art medium you wish.”
Muse Vine is a web-based family of art-loving folks, creative rebels (nice ones), artisans, crafters and makers. We create together, drawing on a fresh theme every month. The results are diverse, surprising, and imaginative, and every creation is valued and meaningful on so many levels. We create for ourselves and / or for others. We create something to keep, gift or sell. Ultimately, we create because we feel compelled to do so, and because it’s fun!
Membership to Muse Vine includes a themed Creative Assignment every month in a downloadable PDF containing inspiration, ideas, resources, insights, and prompts to assist you in your creative exploration and development. There is the option to submit your creative assignment project to be posted on the Muse Vine blog. Members of the Muse Vine family are keenly supported in their creative development. Where required, your creative work will be featured and promoted via the Muse Vine website so that more people are able to discover what you do.
More details are available on the website at
Muse Vine is offering a year’s membership (normally £30) to the winning Hedgespoken Hedgehammer bidder.

carol anne strange

Bidding will start at: £9

Auction time: Monday 24th November 7.30pm (GMT)

Note: Bids are made by posting your bid in £ in the comments below. If you need to refer to the Hedgehammer guide (how it all works, bidding and so on) you can find it here. And remember – all of these auctions are raising funds for Hedgespoken so that we can offer workshops and courses and events across Britain and beyond. Have a look here to find out more about our plans!

Thank you for bidding and thanks again to Carol Anne for donating this!

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