‘Lightweaver’, from Carol Anne Strange [#19]

We have been offered two fantastic items from author Carol Anne Strange:

Here, a signed copy of her novel Light Weaver:

Carol Anne says:

Light Weaver (signed paperback novel)
Light Weaver, by Carol Anne Strange, is a contemporary story with a fantastical twist set in the English Lake District. Inspired by nature, it’s an original tale about love, healing, and a questionable reality.
Book Teaser:
Strange and inexplicable things are happening in the Lakeland fells … light orbs dance over mossy crags, symbols miraculously appear in grassy lowlands, and Cali Silverthorn keeps disappearing into other worlds.
Mobile librarian, Tom Philips, is captivated by free-spirited Cali, but is struggling to make sense of her remarkable abilities and the escalating strangeness impacting ordinary rural life.
As beliefs are challenged, Tom and Cali’s love becomes the only constant in a questionable reality as they face the heart-breaking realisation that Cali may soon disappear for good.
More Details:
The novel was quietly published on a shoestring budget in 2012 and has been finding its way to beautiful readers everywhere via whispers on the breeze.
The author will post out a personalised, signed paperback copy of Light Weaver to the winning Hedgehammer bidder.
Carol Anne says, ‘I’m thrilled to be supporting Rima and Tom in their next grand adventure. Hedgespoken is a wonderful way of bringing more magic into people’s lives. ‘Tis just what is needed!’
light weaver

Bidding will start at: £4

Auction time: Monday 24th November 7.30pm (GMT)

Note: Bids are made by posting your bid in £ in the comments below. If you need to refer to the Hedgehammer guide (how it all works, bidding and so on) you can find it here. And remember – all of these auctions are raising funds for Hedgespoken so that we can offer workshops and courses and events across Britain and beyond. Have a look here to find out more about our plans!

Thank you for bidding and thanks again to Carol Anne for donating this!

22 thoughts on “‘Lightweaver’, from Carol Anne Strange [#19]

  1. I already tried paying under “no perk”, but it didn’t work because my American bank thinks it’s fishy. While I wait for them to open up my account, should I also wait for a link from you? What about shipping cost to the US? So happy to be contributing in some small way to your cause.

  2. Hi Angela – I’m not sure why that’s happened :( I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem – I hope your bank sorts it, but no stress: it’ll all work out. And we’ll cover the postage.

    Here’s the link for payment: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hedgespoken/contributions/new?nonperk_amt=0 – as soon as that’s done, we’ll send you the details for getting your item!

    Thank you so much for taking part!

    And thanks again to everyone who took part in this auction and to Carol Anne for donating the book!

  3. Hi Tom, It’s a small town bank, so they probably get little international action. No worries though; it just went through. Thank you!

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