Hedgehammer – how the Hedgespoken auction works

I’m putting this all on a separate page so that it’s easy to find in the excitement of a live auction – if you’re planning on bidding for something, it might be worth bookmarking this page or keeping it open in a tab or window in case of confusion!

Note: If you’re looking for the Hedgehammer preview, you can find it here…

The Hedgehammer auction is not like an eBay auction

eBay auctions count down to a pre-set time and whoever has bid the most when the buzzer goes wins the auction. I don’t like eBay auctions – it’s really all about who gets in there quickest before the bell (and whether they’re prepared to use sneaky software to do it for them…) Do we want this? No.

When I was a young’un, we got most of our furniture (not to mention windows, doors and bricks…) from a fantastic auction near Diss, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border in East Anglia, near to where we lived. Auction day was Friday and it was a Big Event. You could get everything from nails to church spires – my parents would bid all morning and win and lose, while my sister and I sat and marvelled at it all, or drew copious mad drawings in the car park. This is the kind of auction that I like.

Hedgehammer auctions are like auctions in an auction-house, but online

So, imagine that I’m standing behind a lectern, with a gavel (that’s the wee hammer that judges and auctioneers use…) and that you’re all in the house – you’ve looked at the schedule and made a note of the items you’re interested in, and the auction’s about to begin. Here comes someone carrying the item you’re after! How exciting!

How to bid

Once an auction is open (and you’ll know it’s open because you’ll be able to comment on the page for that item) you can make a bid for an item. That first bid should be at the starting price that’ll be clearly marked on the page – in fact, I’ll try and open the auction with a ‘any takers at £(whatever the starting price is)’ comment, but you don’t have to wait for me once the comments are open!

After that, you can place a bid whenever you like, for however much you like, as long as it’s at least £1 more than the previous highest bid. Just put your bid in the comments for the item. The highest bid will be in line to win the item, should no one outbid them.

A bid is made by putting how much you’re willing to pay for the item in a comment on the page for that item. Don’t bid if you’re not intending to buy the item – seriously, just don’t do it, please!

Bids in £ only, please – if you’re bidding from another country, it might be worth checking the exchange rate first! When it comes to paying, you’ll be doing it via Indiegogo, which will do all the conversions for you.

‘But,’ you say, ‘someone else might have bid before me…’ Yes – if this happens and things look like they’re getting confused, I’ll add a comment clarifying who’s the current highest bidder. Refreshing your page before you bid might also be a good idea!

When bids dry up and nothing’s happened for 10 minutes, I’ll put a comment on the page for the item, saying ‘GOING ONCE TO (whoever’s top bidder) FOR (whatever they’ve bid)’

After another 5 minutes, I’ll put a comment on the page, saying ‘GOING TWICE TO (whoever’s top bidder) FOR (whatever they’ve bid)’

If there’s no more action for another minute or so, I’ll bang my imaginary gavel and post a comment on the page saying ‘SOLD TO (whoever’s top bidder) FOR (whatever they’ve bid)’

That means that item is sold! You won! :) Or you didn’t :(

In summary:

  • the first bid should be the starting price – if no one bids, I’ll drop the price by putting in a comment with the new price.
  • bids after that should be at least £1 more than the current highest bid
  • bids are made by commenting on the item page
  • bids are to be in £ only
  • after 10 mins of no bids, I’ll comment with ‘GOING ONCE’
  • after another 5 mins of no bids, I’ll comment with ‘GOING TWICE’
  • after a minute or so, I’ll comment ‘SOLD’ – at that point, the auction’s over – in that comment I’ll put a link to where to pay
  • once you’ve paid (within 24 hours please), we’ll email you and the sender of the item
  • you get your item within a week (unless it says otherwise in the description)
  • Hedgespoken rolls on…


Yeehah – I won! What now?

In the SOLD! comment, there’ll be a link to the crowdfunding page where you can make a contribution (no perk!) for the amount you bought the item for. Once we get your contribution, we’ll send you the email address of the person who’ll be sending out the item – no, we haven’t got a warehouse full of all the stuff here at the Hedgequarters! We’ll be sending them your email address too, but the sooner you send them your delivery address and details of what you bought, the sooner you’ll get it. Unless it’s in the description differently, they’ll be sending your item out within the week… We ask that you pay for your item within 24 hours, and preferably as soon as you’ve won.

Oh… No one bid…

If no one makes a bid for something at its opening price, I’ll drop the price by posting a new price in the comments – something like ‘ANY TAKERS AT (the new price)?‘ I’ll keep doing that until someone bids and then we’re off until bids dry up and the whole ‘GOING ONCE/TWICE/SOLD’ routine happens.

But I can’t make the time that the auction is on for the thing I want :(

No problem – email us your maximum bid at hedgespoken@gmail.com and we’ll bid sensibly on your behalf up to your maximum bid.

How will I know when an auction’s started?

We’ll post on the blog with each day’s auction items and links to the pages where you can find them. Those pages will go live before the auctions begin, but the auction won’t start until I tell you in the comments. We’ll also be keeping you posted on facebook and twitter.

I’ve got a question…

You can email us at hedgespoken@gmail.com or ask away on facebook or twitter and we’ll do our best to answer asap.

Thank you again to our generous donors of all these wonders!!
Happy bidding and good luck!


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