Baba Yaga

Samhain greetings and hedgespells from the edge of these misted, damp dark Dartmoor days! As you’re all bound to be Appreciators of Story and Lovers of the Uncanny, we thought to bring you a small offering from the Hedgespoken basket of witchlore for your enjoyment this All-Hallowed Eve

HEDGEPOETRY and HEDGEWILD :: the illustrated ‘Sometimes a Wild God’ book perks…

Rima and I have been talking for a few years about collaborating to put out an edition of Sometimes a Wild God, with her images and my words, but it’s taken this long to have something urgent enough to cut through the thousand other things and make us do it. Seeing as Hedgespoken is – in one of its roles – a stage for us to do our collaborative work on, it seemed fitting to make this edition one of the rewards for our funders. And it seems that a few of you like the idea – we’re really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.