SOMETIMES A WILD GOD – the book, on sale now!

The book of the poem by Tom, Sometimes a Wild God, has gone on sale in the Hedgespoken Press online shop. This has been a long work and we are truly delighted with what we’ve created. The boxes of books arrived on Thursday and we’ve spent much of the last weeks getting the shop ready. It is the first production from Hedgespoken Press and it costs £7.50 plus p&p. We’re hoping it’ll be the first of many such books we put out into the world. Here are some preview pictures of it:

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If you chose a copy of Sometimes a Wild God as a perk for the crowdfunder, your wait is almost over! We’ll be getting your copies in the post this week, with appropriate embellishments (including a stamp we’ve just had made to show that your copies are unique and part of the crowdfunding campaign!)

But listen – we need your help to spread the word about the book. We have no great marketing machine behind us, only the fine and mighty power of word-of-mouth. So, if you have been moved by this poem, please tell your friends and spread the word (and links to the shop…) on facebook, twitter, tumblr, wherever you roam… And, of course, please buy a copy, and then a copy for your friend, and then one spare to give to the unexpected stranger you stumble across one day who needs to read the words for themselves. Go to your library and your local bookshop and ask them if they’re stocking it – it should be on their funky all-the-books-in-the-world (almost) computer systems by now…

Tom says:

Thank you all for your continued comments and emails about this poem – I had no idea at all what was in store when I wrote it, only that the first line had been haunting me for months. Sometimes a Wild God has opened strange doors for me, and continues to have a life of its own. Something seems to have happened that is far beyond my understanding, and that is exactly as it should be. Poetry is a form of magic, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. This word-spell will hopefully now reach more people than ever, and stray far beyond the internet.

The shop is open now. There are close-ups that you can zoom in on and everything. Go and have a look.


5 thoughts on “SOMETIMES A WILD GOD – the book, on sale now!

  1. So Dear Tom …. I want to thank you for this wonderfull poem . And will say how touched i am by it . Back in May we had our guides fast for the guides working with Beyond the Threshold in Australia . I rocked up with this poem for the severence circle on the night before walking out onto country for fasting . We were out at Boorabin ,in the salt flat country , south of the great forest national park in WA. From a different stream all together my buddy Ranald from Tasmania had also brought this poem along . He had changed the species of annimals in it to native Australian… Dingo and Kangaroo were there . We decided to both read it out . Im still choked by it . Powerfull words indeed. Just got my little book from the crowd funder and am only too happy to have helped out in a small way to you two following your dreams . So again thanks . One day Iwill get to England and sit on some village green drinking tankards of golden ale listening to you tell stories. hell i might even tell one or two myself . all the very best .

    Just an after thought . My grandmothers maiden name was Hirons . I think she came from a place called Chacombe . Are we distantly related?

    1. Great to hear, Simeon – I love that the words are spreading and evolving in other environments and in the wider wilderness rites world… I don’t know Chacombe, but there aren’t that many of us Hirons, so I suspect we are all related… See you on the village green – you’ll know us by our lorry…

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