And that was the crowdfunder! What next?

Cake 3 Cake 2 Cake There has been cake. There has been sleep. There has been a degree of post-crowdfunder exhaustion… And there has been the usual pre-Christmas busyness that we’re used to. Scurry, scurry, hither, thither. Make, pack, send; make, pack, send! Our various works go on, and with barely a momentary pause to mark the end of the fundraising campaign, we’re eyeing January hopefully as a time when we can slow down properly and begin some hibernation. How mad our society is, to become so busy at the deepest Dark of the Year.

But, still, there was cake! Diana Dench made us this extraordinary cake to help us celebrate with some of our friends who were in the film we made so very long ago. To be honest, we were that tired, it was all we could do to raise a glass and agree that it was all amazing, and then everyone was off to bed early, but it’s important to mark the end of things, or the changing points, and so we did.

I’m assuming, perhaps wrongly, that you know that we reached our target! All in all, we raised £30,816! We are still staggered, amazed and quite flabbergasted – the most frequently-heard phrase in our house is currently, ‘We did it! We actually did it!’ It seems a little unreal, but it’s had an effect that’s far greater than simply being a large sum of money – it has been the most powerful affirmation imaginable to find that there are people out there who believe enough in what we do, and what we want to do, that they will pay us to make it happen and write to us to tell us how important they feel it is. What an extraordinary gift! This part of the experience is, in fact, priceless. We who have both struggled so hard along the way with our doubts and fears and self-confidence and tried to stay true to ourselves – knowing that there are so many who believe, it makes us bolder, and we thank you for it.

If you took part in the crowdfunder, you may be waiting patiently by the front door or tent-flap, wondering when your calendar/print/book/mask/invitation is going to make an appearance… Things have been delayed a little by a necessary reprint of the calendars, but as I write, I’m surrounded by cardboard boxes full of cards, prints, envelopes, cellophane sleeves and yes, calendars (and they are beautiful and perfect and well worth the reprint.) Everything is ready to assemble and post… We have just over 270 calendars to send out, 110 prints, 35 print bundles and about 450 cards. Luckily we have some help with putting things in envelopes and I’ve just fathomed the complexities of address-label printing!

International HEDGE-MANAC calendars and HEDGEPRINT or HEDGEART prints and HEDGEPOST cards will be sent out this Friday (12th December).

UK calendars and prints and cards are going out on Monday (15th December).

Our local post office can’t wait for us to arrive with all of this… (If you’re local, I’d avoid the early afternoon of either of those days, if I were you!)

Winners of the Hedgespoken Loudhailer Challenge, we’ll be sending your prizes out shortly and we’ll be in touch very soon! Everything else will be coming next year as and when it’s made or built or designed or concocted.

In the meantime, the build has started. Leo is braving some cold and stormy weather to put up the frame that forms the skeleton of the structure. We’ll be posting some proper updates a little further down the line, but here’s what Hedgespoken currently looks like…

P1200848.resizedThere’s a way to go yet, as you can see! But it’s a very, very exciting time. There’s more news to come over the next few weeks, which you really won’t want to miss – I’d love to give you hints, but I’m not allowed.

Until then, from the edge of the Hedge where the stars are bright, we remain your humble Hedgeservants,

Tom and Rima

3 thoughts on “And that was the crowdfunder! What next?

  1. Hello Rima and Tom,
    What a wonderful cake!!! I bet it tasted fantastic too!!!!
    I’m so looking forward to the postie delivering my calendar. It will be the best thing that Australia Post puts in the letterbox this December!!!!
    My delight I hope will come when I’m in Dartmoor come October and we sight the Hedgespoken truck on the road.
    Wishing you a very peaceful January.

  2. Yay and thrice YAY!
    So so happy to have been able to help in the realising of your dream.
    I travelled the uk in my converted Bedford TK with a thrupenny shaped Cab in the 1980’s …such sweet memories….wishing you wild adventures, gentle roads and captive audiences ….
    Blessings on your Winter Journies
    Love MezzieCrow x

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