48 hours to go…


Here we are – a quick update

The Loudhailer Challenge – what you could win!

What happens next?

Here we are.

It’s been a long journey through a tangled jungle of metaphors, late nights, broken laptops and a few tears along the way. We are, here at the Hedgequarters, quite tired and very amazed. As you’ll probably be aware, we reached our £25,000 target just over a week ago – since then, we’ve been trying to raise additional funds to run free workshops bringing stories from the edges back to the centre and out again. We ran a series of auctions of donated arts, crafts and experiences during the week, thanks to the outstanding generosity of you all, and that raised over £2,000 to add to the coffers. Sometime in the last 48 hours, we crossed the £30,000 mark. What’s left?

Well. As I sit here typing this on a tiny laptop in a cafe in Exeter, where upstairs Rima, Anna, Phil and Michael are hanging pictures for their exhibition that opens today at the Glorious Art House, there are a few things left to entice you to part with even more of your hard-earned cash, and to spread the word even farther than before. If you haven’t yet supported us, now would be a great time to help us with your financial offering here.

But, frankly, we’ve done it – all of us, by sharing and donating and enthusing and staying the distance. And for that, and for the experience of receiving the support of so many of you in making our dream, we will always be utterly astounded and heart-warmed. This alone has changed us – it’s a precarious thing, to put a dream into the world and see what the world makes of it. To find that the dream is cheered on so heartily is the kind of affirmation we all dream of. So, thank you all.


But, it’s not over yet.

Some small eternity ago, we posted about the Hedgespoken Loudhailer Challenge, in which you could win prizes for persuading your friends, family, strangers, to donate to our cause. As the weeks have rolled by, it’s been on my mind to follow this up with more details, but I never quite found the time. So, here at the edge of the end of it all, belatedly, here’s what you can win:

Hedgespoken Vision Painting by Rima Staines
You can win this Hedgespoken Vision Painting by Rima Staines 2014 – see below for details
  • the top ten ‘referrers’ will each get an A4 print of the vision-painting as used in our introductory film, painted by Rima and currently UNAVAILABLE ANYWHERE in the whole wide world. We’ll include a thank you note and you’ll have our heartfelt thanks for spreading the word in your networks and beyond.
  • PLUS anyone who gets us more than £100 from referrals will get a fancy full-size signed giclee print of the same, also totally NOT-FOR-SALE ANYWHERE, with thanks from us written on it and whole armfuls of our gratitude and respect!

There’s not long to get spreading the word, but get this – the top ten referrers have currently brought us between £5 and £72 each – it would take only a donation of £10 from a friend to get into that top ten PRIZE-WINNING list! That would mean you winning a print for sure, and possibly the fancy giclee print! And we’d get another few pounds in the Hedgespoken coffers, which would mean more workshops such as we’ve detailed here, and your friend would get their perk as usual. Win, win, win!

But, wait! To make this work, you have to share the campaign details from the Indiegogo page.

As we wrote, all those weeks ago:

It turns out that every time you share the Hedgespoken Indiegogo page while you’re logged in to Indiegogo (that bit’s important), the site tracks how many people follow your share and how much they donate and what colour their pants are and so on. It’s already happening, in fact. So, in order to spread the word further and wider than we can by ourselves, and as a way of thanking the most web-vocal of you, we’ve been running the HEDGESPOKEN LOUDHAILER CHALLENGE…

Here’s some more Indiegogo-style advice about how this works, so you can make sure that all your shares count, and so you can keep track of how much you’ve brought in!

Just remember – share on facebook or twitter or by email from the Indiegogo page while you’re logged in (Indiegogo will send you a link that you can keep sharing or put in emails and so on) – and whatever funds are donated as a result get added to your tally.

I hope that makes sense!

What happens next?

The crowdfunding campaign finishes at 8.00am Monday morning (GMT.) After that, we’ll be catching our breath for a moment or two before getting calendars and prints and thank-you notes and so on in the post to all you lovely folk. Some perks have still to be made, and some (such as workshops, performances and the like) will happen next year.

We’re taking photos of progress with the truck-build and we’ll be posting them in due course, and news about what else is happening with Hedgespoken (and there’s lots, already!)

So, good people, prepare yourselves for an out-gushing of thanks and relief in a few days time. Until then, please do help us if you can with a last push of link-sharing or donations – more support, more workshops, more Hedgespoken magic!

From the city lights and pre-Christmas bustle of Exeter…

Tom (and Rima, in between nail-hammering and picture-straightening and artistry-conversing…)


PS Remember to subscribe to this blog (hedgespoken.wordpress.com) to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing, and please like the facebook page and follow us on twitter to keep involved in the full excitement of the end of the campaign!


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