Leo Singleton – Artisan Engineer, builder of Hedgespoken


Hedgespoken would like to introduce you to somebody very important on this journey of ours to build our offgrid wagon of wonder – Leo Singleton, artisan engineer and maker-extraordinare of the Hedgespoken rolling home & theatre!

This is the first post in an ongoing series about the other folks involved in building this dream of ours, and is just a small introduction to Leo whom you’ll meet again on this blog as the build progresses.


We love the job description “artisan engineer” and think it describes Leo perfectly. He possesses the unique combination of an eye and deep appreciation for natural and crafted beauty born of his love of living an off-grid, outdoor life, alongside a meticulousness and attention to detail and accuracy born of his early life as an engineer.


These pictures show Leo chairmaking in his woodland workshop on a shavehorse. His love of green woodworking and skill at the craft can be enjoyed in this delightful little film by Elliot Forge of Leo turning a bowl on a handbuilt pole-lathe:


We are just thrilled that Leo agreed to take on our mad, wonderful, wooden house of magic as a project. And we look forward to sharing this journey with you all here.




Leo Singleton – artisan engineer


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3 thoughts on “Leo Singleton – Artisan Engineer, builder of Hedgespoken

  1. He’s a wood-bodger! I studied with one years ago, even making my own shaving-horse, pole lathe and drawknife like those in your photos. How wonderful to know there are still wod-bodgers in the world!

  2. Is that where “to bodge” comes from ? Doesn’t look like Leo “bodges” things the way I do … ie …terribly.

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