Hedgehammer! Tuesday’s listings – Creations and Experiences

With the first two auctions – objects of wearable beauty and wordcraft – having raised an amazing £960 over the last two nights, we come to another Hedgehammer auction day! Yes, the gavel of the Hedge is poised again to hammer out the third Hedgespoken auction tonight at 7.30pm (GMT)

Here is what’s up for your delectation and delight this evening – we have a spellbinding array of CREATIONS AND EXPERIENCES. We’ve some truly handsome and remarkable items on offer, as you’ll see, so please spread the word far and wide.

Each listing has a link to the page where you’ll be able to bid on the item once the auction has started… You’ll know it has started, because the comments will be open for you to make your bids… We’ll be prompt, though, so refresh your pages at 7.30pm and you’ll be in line for some old-school auction excitement!

For all the details of how to bid, how to pay, and so on, visit the ‘How to…’ guide here (this’ll open in a new window or tab – you might want to keep it open while the auctions are running…) The full listing for all the auctions (so far – there are still a few last-minute offerings coming in…) can be found here.

Just as a suggestion, you might want to keep tabs or windows open for all the items you’re interested in, so that you can flick between them, refreshing frequently, so that you don’t miss out… And remember, this is all in aid of bolstering the Hedgespoken coffers so that we can run some of the workshops and events that we’ve written about here.

So, without further ado, here are today’s extraordinary items for your perusal and coveting. See you in the auction room at 7.30pm (GMT)!


First up, we have the most exquisite handmade scrolling story panorama or crankie made by folk artist, puppeteer and maker of olden storied crafts Joanna Hruby (who also appeared in our Hedgespoken film as the deer!). The Unicorn Returns is a moving panorama (otherwise known as a ‘crankie’) – a hand-cranked picture performance within a cassette box! Inspired by the mysterious, 15th Century Unicorn Tapestries and Peter Beagle’s cult novel, The Last Unicorn, this animated box uses early cinema techniques to take the user through an ancient forest in search of the fabled unicorn. Featuring high quality digital prints of original watercolour-painted scenery, this is animation at its simplest, and perhaps most enchanting. Turn the handle to let the journey begin… A rare, one-off, handmade creation of wonder, this.

the unicorn returns crankie - jo hruby

the unicorn returns crankie 2 - jo hrubyBidding will start at £30.

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #1 – its page is here


Next we have a little tea bowl (approx 9cm x 9cm) fired in a woodfired anagama kiln with woodash dripping down the side, from our talented artist friend Marieke Ringel.

marieke 1

Bidding will start at: £20

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #41 – its page is here


Next up, we have a truly stunning piece of work from artist Charlotte Hills.

This is a needle-felted puppet of exquisite beauty and time-consuming craft – Mr Fox (whom you can also see here unclothed to appreciate his workings!)

Charlotte writes of her Mr Fox:

The theme of the trickster runs very deeply through the mythology of most human societies. From Loki, to Brer Rabbit; from the Native American coyote spirit to the Monkey King in China. We need the trickster animus to express the outcast.
 Through the folklore of Europe run the stories of Reynard the fox, Isengrim the wolf, Tybalt the cat, Chanticleer the cockerel and Bruin the bear. Fast talking and clever, tricky and dishonest, Reynard is a reflection of our clever and unscrupulous selves. We need him to find an easy way, to take the blame, to show up our own vanities.

Mr. Fox is a needle-felted puppet, standing 70cm from ear tip to toe. He has a rod attached to the back of his head and can have another controller attached to his paw if the purchaser wishes. He is fully jointed and quite light weight due to the materials.

Originally he was made for Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Puppet Challenge.

He was conceived as part of the tales of Reyardine. As such he is a vagabond trickster, although he would work just as well in other tales from Dahl to Brer Rabbit.

mr fox 2

charlotte hills 1

Mr Fox 4

Mr Fox 3

Bidding will start at: £35

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #50 – its page is here


Next in line we have some wonderful fabric storytelling doll-making kits created by Imogen di Sapia, who also keeps a story-craft blog here and an etsy shop here.

Here’s what Imogen says about these lovely creations:

Here is a make-your-own kit for a storytelling character doll / puppet in the Steiner Waldorf tradition.
Your kit contains the following;

Cut wool felt pattern pieces (body, hat and base; hand rolled / dyed wool felt)
Skin tone cotton tricot (head)
Stocking-net (for inner head)
Hair (Leicester wool fleece 10g)
Velvet cape fabric
Printed cotton cape lining
Embroidery thread lengths
Cotton thread lengths
Stuffing fleece (40g)
Wooden bead (for nose)
Paper / fabric flowers
Set of illustrated instructions

*You will need to provide; hand sewing needles and pins*
*Adult supervision required when sewing with young children; suitable for ages 7 + to sew)

This doll when made is approx 20cm tall; the photos show and example of how the finished piece will look.

It is an easy doll to sew, full instructions will be given, plus access to how-to photo tutorials and videos on my blog.

You only need two stitches to make this lovely doll; running stitch and blanket stitch

The first of these four is Little Red Cap or Red Riding Hood:

red riding hood doll kit imogen di sapia

Bidding will start at: £25

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #4 – its page is here


Second we have Vassilissa the Brave:

vassilissa doll kit

Bidding will start at: £25

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #5 – its page is here


Next we have Merlin The Green Man:

merlin doll kit

Bidding will start at: £25

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #6 – its page is here


Last is Gandalf!:

gandalf doll kit

Bidding will start at: £25

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #7 – its page is here


And for our next trick – an incredible trick riding lesson in Somerset brought to you by the folks at Steamhorse and Mooncat Musings (also truck dwellers!)

steamhorsesteamhorse 5

They say:

The lessons are called ‘CBC’ lessons – Confidence, Balance and Coordination. The winner must be able to ride (walk trot and canter) and be at least 12 years old with no major movement impairments (bad back etc). They must also have a fair degree of physical fitness and weigh no more than 12 stone fully clothed. Lessons are carried out on one of our trick trained horses, on a lunge rein (so that I’m in control of the horse) in our all weather floodlit riding arena.
We are based near Timsbury, Bath.

steamhorse 1 steamhorse 2 steamhorse 3

Bidding will start at: £25

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #17 – its page is here


Next we have another sweet offering from Ronnie Harvey – some of her handmade doily Dew Drop bunting, perfect for weddings, hearths and kitchen dressers! Eight flags, with 16 clear hand sewn-on Quartz crystals. The bunting comes with an explanation of the crystal properties, the vintage doilies are all white and the bunting 1.76m in length, the ends have ties.

doily bunting 2doily bunting 1

Bidding will start at: £5

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #22 – its page is here


Next we have some very delightful needle-felted animals by Jenny Barnett. These are small needle felted wool sculptures, about 12 – 13 cm tall…

Firstly, a sweet little hare:

felted hare

Bidding will start at: £20

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #25 – its page is here


Secondly, a fox (the chicken in the picture isn’t getting involved in this auction – he’s just watching!)

felted fox

Bidding will start at: £20

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #26 – its page is here


Next, we’re extremely proud and honoured to offer some wonderful hedgerow-inspired wool, made specifically for the Hedgespoken Auction by Cecilia Hewett:

Two skeins of hand-spun wool by Cecilia Hewett, inspired by an ancient hedgerow and designed for Hedgespoken.

At this time of year, the ancient hedgerow gives us a glimpse into its secret world, as the leaves fall revealing the deep hidden pathways of hedge life. But it is also the time when that life becomes more vulnerable: the hunted must burrow deeper to escape watchful eyes, there is no barrier of leaves to prevent pollution by fumes and road salt, and the hedge-slashing machine comes to wreak its destruction. Thinking about a nature note to accompany this yarn, what came to mind was something like an old-fashioned rhyme, a charm of protection perhaps, a prayer, a wish for the safety of the old hedge and all who hide within and shelter beneath.The yarn is 100% wool from British Blue-faced Leicester sheep, in the dusky colours of the fruit of an old hedgerow, hand-dyed by Cecilia.The yarn is designed to be used for wool crafts: weaving, knitting, embroidery or felt decoration. But it would also be happy to nestle decoratively in a beautiful hand-crafted bowl or be worn as a necklace. The smooth yarn weighs 46g, measures approximately 94m and is 15 wraps per inch (a light double-knitting/sport weight). The coily yarn weighs 47g and measures approximately 15m.

Cecilia Hewett is a hand-spinner in rural Cumbria, producing yarns inspired by the detail of her local landscape. To find out more about her work and where it is exhibited and sold, visit http://www.facebook.com/ceciliashandspunyarn. The yarn is not usually sold online – this is a rare opportunity!


Bidding will start at: £30

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #28 – its page is here


Next, a really beautiful miniscule handmade journal by artist Lynn Hardaker:

A hand bound journal of ca. 1 x 1 inch (2.5 x 2.5 cm), made of tea-stained paper, hand sewn signatures, Florentine marbled endpapers, head bands, leather cover with a mini collage consisting of a fragment of an antique letter and a pressed flower, with a leather tie.

mini journal 3 mini jounral 2 mini journal 1

Bidding will start at: £15

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #29 – its page is here


Next up we have a really beautiful piece of work from local Devon leatherworker Liz Pannell:

Liz says: A handstitched Field Notes journal cover, with a pen/pencil loop and a notebook refill included, made with full-grain London colour veg tanned leather sourced here in Devon, from the tannery in Colyton where I also have my workshop/studio.
I can offer a ‘voucher’ for someone to redeem against a journal cover- and they can then choose from different colours of leather.

liz pannell 2

liz pannel 1

Bidding will start at: £12

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #39 – its page is here


Next up, a really lovely felted tree ornament from Chandra Cerchione-Peltier. Chandra is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, the Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild, and a member of the Working Group for the Interstitial Arts Foundation – she is an artist specializing in mixed media and figurative art.

Chandra says:

Wool felt ornament with free motion embroidery and hand beading. Free motion embroidery is the technique in which fabric is physically manipulated beneath a moving sewing machine needle to literally “draw” with thread. This is not something programmed into the sewing machine, it is manipulated by hand, and so no two designs are ever exactly alike. 5″.



Bidding will start at: £20

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #54 – its page is here


And lastly, we have a really lovely wand made from fallen beechwood by Simon Marshall

Simon says:

A beautiful handmade Beech wood wand, approx 30.5 cm long. The wood comes from a Copper Beech tree in my garden, and was gathered from fallen wood, not cut from the tree. The wand has been sanded to a smooth finish and coated with beeswax.

The head of the wand resembles a bird’s head – this was a natural feature which made itself apparent in the creating process! The handle fits snugly into the user’s hand, the thumb resting in a natural groove. Beech is known to be a healing wood, and is especially associated with knowledge and wisdom.

Beech Wand 2

Beech Wand 1

Bidding will start at: £5

Auction time: Tuesday 25th November 7.30pm (GMT)

This is item #53 – its page is here

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