The Big Question

We know you’re all wondering. What happens if we go past the £25,000 mark?! What happens if – through your generosity and support – we find that our coffers become overflowing and we have a mountain of gold before us?! What then?! As you can imagine, this is the question that keeps us awake at night, too. So. Does it look like this?

Smaug, the dragon, atop his pile of GoldNot quite…

If we should raise £25,000, as we hope to do, the truck conversion is sorted – all the work and materials and adjustments and licenses and all of that. The bathing trailer, the canvas-covered seating area, the fold-down stage, everything. Anything more would surely be gilding the lily. Your money can be better spent; you can get more wonder for your £ or $ than that!

Here’s the plan: If we exceed our target, we start being able to get some of our day-dreamed Hedgeprojects off the ground.

We’ve got the following two specific things in mind:

  1. A series of rolling community arts workshops in which we’ll spread the skills of puppet and mask work, storytelling and creative-stage-craft. One idea is to park Hedgespoken up on the edge of a village/town/city/congregation-point-of-the-people and spend a week or so hosting and running and facilitating others to run daily workshops for kids and adults, culminating in a performance piece by the locals at the end of the week. I can remember similar things happening when I was growing up in East Anglia, and they left an extraordinary imprint on my young imagination – we’d love to be funded to do the same… Funds over our target could be put aside to make these workshops happen, for free, so that everyone can take part.
  2. Collecting stories from the edge. We’d love to go out and find out what the stories are that are being told by the liminal folk, whether they’re East European economic migrants, Romany gypsies, Scottish Travellers, hitch-hikers, New Travellers, lost Bedouin or simply vagabonds on the edge of things (or at the centre of things, for that matter – there are outsiders everywhere, even deep on the inside…) We know that there are stories all over the place, trying to ripple through the world and reproduce themselves, but that we don’t get to hear them, because their carriers are never asked about them, or because their carriers are told that their stories don’t matter, or because there’s no place for them to tell their stories. Enter Hedgespoken. Imagine a similar thing to the first idea, but working with varying groups to empower, learn from, facilitate and carry those stories back to their communities – at the end of the week (or fortnight, or month) the group we’ve been working with tell their stories back to their own communities, and also to other communities with whom they’d not normally have easy connection, with us working to weave it all together – re-weaving the old story-magics across community boundaries and into the land again – Sound good? We think so. This is a substantial long-term project and something we’re itching to get stuck into – funds over our target could enable us to get started with this, both on our own and in conjunction with groups already working with those at the Edge.

The old stories of animals The Boyhood of Raleigh - John Everett Millais Storytelling, 1950s style? It loomed like THIS! You’ll notice that both of these projects are about community. We could be quite happy pootling around this island and beyond, telling stories, making music and generally having a merry old time – and we thank you for making that possible – but, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that community is the gold-dust, the grail, the alchemists’ secret – and communities are all about the stories they tell. We believe that there’s some good to be done in helping communities tell their stories, both to themselves and to the world-at-large. If Hedgespoken can play a role in that, then we’ll delight in doing it – as a vagabond enterprise we’ll be well-placed to listen well to the voices of those we meet. We’re not going to be in any rush, after all! And, we love stories – we want to hear them, we want to find out what the land is telling itself through us and all the folk of the road, all of us who are pathways for story.

Help us start these projects, by filling the Hedgespoken Community Coffers to reach the funding goal of £25,000 and then filling them some more….

From the moor-edge,
Rima & Tom

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8 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. So pleased that you have over-reached your target already, still with over a week to go! I’m hoping that this means you can get your show on the road soon, I’d love to see a performance/attend a workshop if you pass by my area (come to Oxfordshire/Berkshire!). I sent you a message of support when I purchased my calendar but not sure if you got it- just wanted to say what a brave and wonderful thing it is that you’re doing, and I want to live in a world where more of this sort of thing can happen.
    -from a well-wisher who has been reading Rima’s blog for a while

  2. Hello, love the RL what a beaut, I traveled as an off centre troubadour many moons ago, I work now as clown Bert making play & some wonder, should you ever require a careful clown. Grevil x

  3. Greetings I’ve bee. Travelling since I as 15 I’m now 47..I raised my son in an Embassy Blim Bus…then an MK..in2 an RL (also with LutonBox) Then my original 1977 Harvey American Skool Bus.ChevyHarvey’77 PeaGreen 26ft Classic beautiful until if course Thatcher 1996-8 & CJB.CRIMINAL JUSICE BILL.
    HOW they cud ever have called that Justice ..after 10urs raising my son in the Road… home schooled thru UK Curriculum Which. I met with Gov assisted School Bus every 3mnths …Have a degree (Bachelors in Teaching Numeracy & Literacy to 4-10yr olds) …in 1996:site raid thruout UK and mu son was along with other site kids taken into the custody of the judicial system and I didn’t see him 3 weeks then given Half custody at Age 10…he never forgave me …to this day…. I miss him (26now)he left home at 21 for uni and cut me​ off at 22!… Hi father’s fault didn’t bother with him us for 10yrs… I now run Outta Promotions-E.A.A Ltd Independent DIY Non Profit Organically Grown Non Funded Sponsored or Backed Music Promoters Reviewers Supporters of Independent DIY Non Corporate Underground LIVE Music MakerZ MoverZ ShakerZ UK & Worldwide…I attend Independent Non-Profit Non-Corporate DIY Festivals Events with Hub bus and Review promote and promote and support UNITY thru MUSIC KEEPIN IT LIVE n KICKIN coz SILENCE is NOT an OPTION….
    Get in touch with me please
    Shax Chaos
    Facebook Outta Promotions – E.A.A

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