Hedgehammer! – Contribute your creations to the Hedgespoken Auction!

market day

Friends! The end of our crowdfunder is approaching fast! You have done such an amazing job so far and we are so touched, cheered, and excited that the Hedgespoken dream-wagon is wheeling into tangibility thanks to you all!

But there’s still a way to go yet… stay with us! There are many ways you can help other than giving money – we have the Hedgespoken Loudhailer Challenge, where those who raise us the most by spreading the word (indiegogo can track this) win special prizes. You can help us by telling anyone and everyone about our project, whether by email, in person, on social media at various times of the day and night… this is a word-of-mouth fundraiser, and A People’s Arts Council! By supporting us, you are choosing the kinds of arts you want to be brought to life!

A few kind folk have offered us artefacts and creations of theirs as a contribution to our campaign, and so we thought we could make this into a fun event as the end of our crowdfunder nears. Are you an artist, jeweller, chair-carver, music-maker… (or purveyor of any other beauty)? Would you like to take part in the Hedgeauction we plan to hold starting next weekend? We’ll be putting a few choice items into the auction ourselves, of course, to be revealed when viewing begins…

If you have something suitable we could auction – which means something you’ve made or is the result of your creative endeavours – to raise a few more coins, please email us pictures of the artefact along with a brief description that you’d like to go with it, links to your work online and a suggested starting price. (We’ll reply with the nitty-gritty of how it’ll work.)

We’re going to run the auction live here on this blog, with viewing to begin on Saturday 22nd November and – depending on how many artefacts we get donated – auctions will start in the (GMT) evening of Sunday 23rd November and run into the following week! How exciting, eh! We’ll post more details nearer the time (like how to bid and pay and when to expect your items, and so on), here and on the facebook page and on twitter, but meanwhile, creative folk – send us what you’d like to contribute to our little market of the hedge!

Thank you from the bottom of our market-barrows!

Prepare the gavels for the HEDGEHAMMER AUCTION!

From the moor-edge,
Rima & Tom

PS Remember to subscribe to this blog (hedgespoken.wordpress.com) to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing, and please like the facebook page and follow us on twitter to keep involved in the full frenzy of the fray! And don’t forget, you can support our project by donating or sharing from the Hedgespoken Crowdfunding page too.

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