Three weeks to find our way home!

So. It feels like we’ve entered another phase of this strange and befuddling funding journey – we’re not on the lamplit path to the home-springs yet, at all: we’re still traversing the rocky chasms of uncertainty and the vine-thick forests of hopefulness. We have only three weeks left to raise another £8,000. It’s a nail-biting, non-stop exploration – thank you for coming with us this far!

Please help us find our way through this unknown landscape – if you’re planning on supporting us, now is a really good time to do it! And please keep spreading the word! If you have a network of followers, share our campaign with them – if you have the ear of fabulously rich people, whisper into it (assuming it’s still attached) – if you have suggestions and ideas and maps of the strange forest of funding, let us know!

We have some surprises up our very substantial sleeves for these next few weeks, so stay tuned by subscribing to this site ( and by liking the facebook page and following us on twitter to keep involved in the full frenzy of the fray! And don’t forget, you can support our project by donating or sharing from the Hedgespoken Crowdfunding page too.

The Hedgespoken crowdfunding campaign finishes at 3.59pm GMT on December 1st. Please save our nerves by helping us over the last mountain and join us in the plunge-pool of joy and relief as we make it home at last!


With ongoing amazement and gratitude from the moor-edge,

Tom and Rima

Photo credits (they’re both from New Caledonia): top and bottom

6 thoughts on “Three weeks to find our way home!

  1. Hi Lovely
    We have gifted already and thinking of gifting more , as Yule gifts. Would you be able to create a postcard or wee certificate we can photocopy and add name to, saying that we have contributed to your fund in their name !!! I would much rather support you than search for those £5 gifts in the high street !!!!
    Love Mezzie Crow and Jon x

  2. Hi Rima, I met you at Emma’s a wee while ago, we were looking at your prints…have you delved into the world of fundraising at all? I’ve got alot of experience with fundraising for various different projects, and I reckon, because your’s is so different and innovative, you’d be well qualified for start-up funding, I could perhaps point you in the right direction for a few if you havent looked already? Liz Meadows

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