HEDGEMANAC – The 2015 Hermitage CALENDAR

calendar 2A fine and happy Monday to you, Hedgechroniclers! I’m delighted to reveal here first to all you followers of Hedgespoken, the brand new 2015 Hermitage Calendar!

It is a thing of beauty and this year features some never-before-seen Rima Staines artworks, alongside old favourites. These sold out last year in an unbelievably short space of time, so be sure to take this opportunity to get yours now!

This year the calendars are a bit bigger, by popular demand – just under 9 inches square, and with more space to write in all your hedge-foraging and circus-chasing appointments.

They are printed again on 100% recycled paper with a beautiful woodcut-style Riso-printed cover, by the excellent folks at Footprint Workers’ Cooperative in Leeds, and the whole thing has been lovingly designed and put together by Tom.

As before, all the full and dark moons are marked with their old English names …Egg Moon, Wolf Moon, Harvest Moon, Blood Moon… as well as the Solstices, Equinoxes and Quarter Festivals. Where UK and US dates differ, both are marked.

You can get one by pledging to support our Hedgespoken dream, and choosing the HEDGEMANAC perk (just £30 – but if you want to give more, that’ll help us enormously!)

As the year turns, help us get our wheels turning…

Thank you!calendar 5calendar 4calendar 15calendar 10calendar 8calendar 9calendar 11calendar 13calendar 6calendar 14calendar 12calendar 7calendar 16calendar 3calendar 1


PS Remember to subscribe to this blog (hedgespoken.wordpress.com) to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing, and please like the facebook page and follow us on twitter to keep involved in the full frenzy of the fray! And don’t forget, you can support our project by donating or sharing from the Hedgespoken Crowdfunding page too.


8 thoughts on “HEDGEMANAC – The 2015 Hermitage CALENDAR

  1. Amazing! Have you released the image for January yet as a print? That is one of my favourites… Love your new December image too x

  2. I am so looking forward to this too, particularly as the dog ate this year’s calender back in August. So much for natural ink and paper, a bit of toxin might have put her off! Also has anyone referred to the total raised as a ”hedgefund” yet? xxx

  3. So looking forward to receiving my treasure too, it will bring me great joy for many moons to come ~ and September, my birthday month has one of my favourite images, yay. thank you x

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