Smickelgrim: Hedgespoken in disguise…

Smickelgrim masks
Smickelgrim text

Artisan masks for discerning vagabonds, incognito Romantics & stylish revolutionaries…

For many years, from 1999 to 2010, I (that’s Tom) was a leatherworker in Edinburgh for Mackenzie & Co., makers of traditional luggage, including doctors bags and Gladstone bags (that’s Mary Poppins bags, if you didn’t know already…) In 2010, I realised that making leather carnival masks was a lot more fun and was the kind of leatherwork that I could do sitting in front of the fire or under a tree, without the need for massive sewing machines and a huge workshop space and the like. A vagabond craft, in other words. And so Smickelgrim was born.

The masks are made from local oak-tanned leather and hand-crafted and moulded one by one. Hand-cut and dyed and painted, I finish them off with my own secret-recipe Smickelgrim mask-wax. How many can you spot in the Hedgespoken film, alongside so many other beautiful masks of various origins?

There have been a few outings to the Uncivilisation festivals, and to Weird and Wonderful Wood in Suffolk, and various small fairs in Devon, but recent busy-ness has seen Smickelgrim take a back seat for a while. No more! It’s time for the return of the high quality vagabond mask…Smickelgrim is reborn…

Rima in a red and yellow Smickelgrim mask
Rima modelling a red and yellow Smickelgrim Harlequin mask

You can adorn yourself with an exclusive Smickelgrim artisan carnival mask by claiming the Hedge-cognito perk – for now, that’s the only way to get one!

From the moor-edge, where the storm has passed and the lanes are scattered with twigs and half the leaves of all the trees,
Rima and Tom

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